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Substance Abuse & Recovery Program


The CSTA has begun an initiative to reach out to its members and offer services related to addiction. In this industry, as well as many others, Alcohol and Drug addiction is a growing problem. It is CSTA’s belief that many members who would want to seek help through programs offered by their firms do not, based on a fear of their employer being notified of their situation. Many members’ firms offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) which, for the most part, are anonymous. These services are continually underutilized.

The CSTA is taking a proactive approach to reaching out to those who may struggle with addiction and would like to offer the services of Confidential Counseling Services to all CSTA members who are in need of help and feel that they cannot utilize their firms’ EAP services. The CSTA will gladly fund the initial assessment and 3 follow-up sessions with a CCS counselor. This highly confidential service offers clients a safe and secure environment with sessions that would help in dealing with addictions and associated behaviors.

They can be reached at (905)-751-3491 or email ccsassistme@gmail.com.

Alcoholics Anonymous http://www.aa.org , Celebrate Recovery http://www.celebraterecovery.ca , and Center for Addiction and Mental Health http://www.camh.net are other addiction-related organizations which may prove to be helpful to you.